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I need my lawn mowed just one time, can you help me with that?

Unfortunately, we do not offer one-time mowings. Our mowing services are performed as part of a seasonal contract only.

Why are there so many different fertilization programs advertised? How do I know what is best for my lawn?

The answer to these questions lies deep within your turf. We pull several plugs of dirt from areas around your lawn and submit them for scientific analysis. Then we work with you to provide a program that is customized to your property's needs. There is never one program that suits every lawn.

How do I know I am working with a reputable lawn care or landscaping company?
Ask questions concerning experience, licensing, and ongoing professional development. Any company that offers to provide pest or weed control services must be licensed with the Michigan Department of Agriculture. You can check their license on the Department of Agriculture's website here: Michigan Licensed Pesticide Application Businesses. The State has strict guidelines professional applicators must follow. Ask for references. Always have a contract that specifically states the services you are contracting and what you will be charged.

What can I do to keep my water bill down?
Conserving water is smart and earth-friendly. A properly installed system by a professional irrigation specialist increases the efficiency of your watering system. It prevents excessive water use and runoff by providing proper coverage. For example, landscape beds do not need to run for the same amount of time as lawn, and should not be on the same zone. A lawn should have head to head coverage to ensure even watering. Improperly positioned heads can cause dry spots, and many homeowners attempt to correct this by running the system longer.

My next door neighbor has no problems with his lawn, so why doesn't mine look as healthy?
An easy way some contractors cut costs when installing a lawn is to use sandy soil or an insufficient amount of topsoil. Contrary to what you may have been told, all dirt is not created equal. If you skimp on this important step, you may regret it later.

Why is brick more expensive than wood when building a retaining wall? What's the difference? 

Time will answer that question. Properly installed retaining walls using quality brick, geogrid when needed, and proper back-filling procedures will provide a wall that won't be going anywhere. Wood contracts with water and age and is structurally not as dependable as brick.

377 W. McMillan Road, Muskegon, MI 49445

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